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Eddie Egriu

For NY-26 Congress

“You need a representative that will support your voice, your opinion, and your community. You, the tax payers have been overlooked for far too long. If you elect me to congress we will effect the change our region desperately needs.” 

Healthcare For All

Your candidate is prepared to go to Washington and fight for you and your rights! Eddie will work vigorously in Congress to ensure health care is available to everyone!


End Pointless Foreign Wars

For too long our great country continues to engage in pointless, endless foreign wars. It is time we bring our troops back home, and instill strong foreign policy.


End the Federal War on Marijuana

It is time to end the federal ban on marijuana. Too many people have suffered from this pointless ban. It is time for it to end. I will help end this war. 


Are you ready to be part of positive change?

Get Involved

Fighting the good fight won’t be easy. We will need good people like you to help. If you want to learn how you can be a part of positive change in this region, just give us a call or reach out! We’d love to hear what you can bring to the table!

Our region is on the rise. Believe that working together can instill gradual successful progress.

Trust that we all have rich souls. no matter what background we come from. Believe in change for good. Seek to improve wisely, and give back to the community that keeps Buffalo pumping.

NY-26 2020 “Real Progress” Kickoff Rally 1.24.20

Crucial Factor in the Start of PUSH Buffalo

Election Day








News & Updates

Eddie Egriu Preaches ‘We Not I’ in Announcement

It was a warm and moving night at the Agustin Olivencia Community Center on Friday night. Individuals of Western New York came together to celebrate the announcement of Emin "Eddie" Egriu's 2020 campaign. You can view the full announcement video here. "We Not I"...

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