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It was a warm and moving night at the Agustin Olivencia Community Center on Friday night. Individuals of Western New York came together to celebrate the announcement of Emin “Eddie” Egriu’s 2020 campaign. You can view the full announcement video here.

“We Not I”

Having worked alongside many many people around the Buffalo and WNY community, Eddie has made a lot of friends along the way. With respect to Congressman Higgins, and the work he has done for Buffalo, Eddie was honest in talking about how many people have tried to enter the political arena, to no avail. He empowered everyone in attendance with tangible belief that he will protect the concerns of all of WNY, not just the few. Eddie was honest in saying, without the good people who share his passion for helping others, he doesn’t stand a chance.

“Honest Eddie”

Having come to this country and lived the American Dream himself, Eddie knows full well the trials and tribulations of success. It was clear to anyone in the fully packed room that his desire to better the forgotten corners of our beautiful city does not come from a commonly perceived dark poliical place, but a passionate desire to connect ALL individuals of EVERY background to UNITE and work TOGETHER to improve the lives of everyone in this region, and this beautiful country.

United We Stand

Throughout the announcement speech, Eddie continued to harbor a sense of togetherness. He touched on the widely divided parties, and the devout loyalties and intentions surrounding them. No matter what side of the fence you find yourself, Eddie aims to turn all of our chairs toward the center, and share a meal to talk about issues with respect, and a voice provided to all.

You can view the full announcement speech here, and stay tuned to our news section for more updates, video, and more!