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Healthcare for All

Your candidate is prepared to go to Washington and fight for you and your rights! Eddie will work vigorously in Congress to ensure health care is available to everyone!

End Foreign Wars

For too long our great country continues to engage in pointless, endless foreign wars. It is time we bring our troops back home, and instill strong foreign policy.

End War on Marijuana

It is time to end the federal ban on marijuana. Too many people have suffered from this pointless ban. It is time for it to end. I will help end this war

Human Rights & Equality

Everyone should be treated equally — as you would treat your own kids.  We all have own ways of living: I have 4 children who created their own paths in life with different beliefs.  This is why we accept the diversity within our communities and treat our neighbors as equally as if they were family.  I personally believe we all come from one mother and father – Adam and Eve – Diversity will and does make our country strong.

Economic Development

Revitalizing forgotten communities is an integral part of our vision.

The city of Niagara Falls and Buffalo. Help to revitalize housing and business sectors – including small business, by rebuilding roads, sewage and water infrastructure, — important to stop tax incentives to special interest groups and distribute funds that have been allocated for underserved communities as they have initially been intended.  Your present Congressman, has neglected and robbed communities that need it the most of those resources

Education & Student Loans

Public school systems have been neglected for far too long – especially in Metropolitan areas.  I’d like to expand on more education focused on family values as many of our children are being raised in one parent households – so they have adequate resources and knowledge to build and prepare for their future.  Bring trade professions back in our school systems to add increased value and avenues for success in evergreen industries.

Student loans should be allocated to living expenses and not education itself.  Education foster growth, empathy, perseverance and success.  

Foreign Affairs

I’ve always been against foreign wars – since we invaded Iraq in 2003 – a war that was instigated on false information on weapons of mass destruction – later proved to be unfounded.  – due to these wars we have the highest rates of veteran suicide in history.  All we do for them is hand out awards for bravery, leaving them without critical resources to rebuild their lives.  We only help those who have visual handicaps and we abandon those who experience internal handicaps.  We should never participate in sending our troops into foreign wars unless they are danger to the United States of American.  Our children should not have to sacrifice for war mongers that have supported these wars and are still supporting these wars just so we can satisfy the weapon industry.  It’s to allocate these abundant resources back home where it’s most needed — in our communities.  At the same time we can utilize resources and reduce taxes to create a healthy, and thriving America.


I am an immigrant, having arrived in America in 1970, while gaining my citizenship in 1977 at the age of 14.  Since I have learned nothing but the American way – hard work, continued love of family.  Today immigrant children are living two lives.  One honoring their original heritage, and the other honoring the American culture.  Like I, adapting, embracing and living the American way, provided me the freedom to love other. Immigration reform is desperately needed in our country.  As I’ve learned from my immigrant parents, to earn and prove to this society that was are a benefit – economically, educationally and socially.  By embracing American way of life and adding them on top of my previous experience – as my father always fought for and against communism and dictatorship for a strong democracy.  The United State is proof that democracy brings peace among its many immigrants