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Are You Ready? | Eddie Egriu for Congress 2020 NY-26

For several years the 26th Congressional District of WNY has been represented by an unchallenged Democratic leader. Eddie Egriu has fought for years to help better the WNY region from the bottom up, leaving no one behind, and putting everyone else first. Working hard to create opportunities for people to succeed is nothing new for Eddie Egriu. Eddie aims to ensure that every corner of the NY-26 district is provided with a voice to be heard by him, by your WNY government, and by Washington. If you have any questions about Eddie or what he plans to do for you, just reach out to us in the comments or you can contact us at!

Eddie Egriu for Congress | Buffalo NY-26 District | Real Progress Kickoff Rally 1.24.20

On Friday January 24, Emin “Eddie” Egriu joined supporters, family and friends to publicly announce his campaign kickoff to represent ALL of the NY-26 district. Here is Eddie’s announcement in full, shot at the Agustin Olivencia Community Center in Buffalo NY.